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Beginner Guide

Post  Borysek1987 on Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:57 am

The game is split into many sections, namely:

- Referral Codes
- Battle
- Missions
- Trading
- Free gifts
- Order
- War
- Boss Event
- Enhancing
- Fellows
- Alignment
- Stats for players
- Stats for cards
- Tips
- Fun Facts
- Change Log

Don't worry, I'm not going to post my code here. Just going to explain what it does.
Using referral codes benefits both the person giving out the code and the person using it. The person who gave out the code will get a free rare card, Princess, whose last form is an SS Rare which provides a Great boost to attack and defense.
The person using the code will get a rare God card. It's weak, but strong for the early part of the game.
The most important part of using referral codes, though, is that both players receive 100k rupies for free. They can be donated to make your order stronger, and help a lot in enhancing your cards!

Battle allows you to challenge other players to a match. You can choose to find players who are close to your level, who have treasures you need to complete sets, or who are your rivals (I'm not sure what this is, it's just random players).

Battling consumes your attack power by the amount used by the deck you fought with.

Quests are broken up into chapters, which are further broken into 5 missions and 1 boss each.
In missions, you kill monsters by just tapping the screen to receive rewards (EXP and rupies). Each monster costs you stamina, with higher level missions costing more stamina. You earn rewards for every 3-5 monsters slain in a row. Each mission has set rewards you can earn: 1 type of card from each realm, rupies, and possibly treasure. You can see the reward below the mission once you've earned one of that type; before that there will just be blank squares: blue for man, green for god, red for demon, and yellow for treasure. If there is a silver square in place of the blue, green, red or yellow one, that means the card of that type given out comes from higher chapters. You can re-do an old mission as much as you like, but bosses can only be fought once.

Trading is the bread and butter of this game. It is the only way for non-cashers to get good cards or items like holy power (cashers are people that spend real money for the game). Trading is also a good way to replace cards you don't want with ones you want. You can trade cards, holy powder, cure water, and/or rupies.
You can have up to 5 trades going at a time, including both trades you have requested and trades that have been requested of you.

Self explanatory. Every day, you get 400 friendship points (to be spent on friendship card packs costing 200 friendship points each), as well as 5000 rupies for you to enhance your cards or donate to your order.
New days start at 3:00am PDT.

An order is like the typical guild/clans/etc. of other online games.
To create an order, you need to be at level 20 with at least 10 fellows.

Orders provide some benefits. All orders have a chat built in to talk to other members. The other benefits require donations before they can be accessed.

This may get confusing, so please bear with me.
Donations are simply where members donate rupies to their order.
Donations can also be made in the form of excess treasure, which is converted to rupies. All donations are logged, and order members are ranked by how much they donate.

All the donations made are spent by the order leader. They can upgrade the order level to make room for newcomers (there is no limit to how far the membership cap can be upgraded). They can buy boosters which will give 5% boosts to the attack and defense of members' cards (by realm). They can also build walls for wars, explained below.

War is what it sounds like, a battle between your order and another. The system of war is simple. Any order member can declare war on any other order. The battle lasts for 1 hour, during which no other order can declare war on either side.

To access the war, simply press the event icon. It's usually located in the middle of the page. Alternatively, you can go to your order page and click the icon near the donation button. You will see the list of the members of the opposing order.

Each order has a leader, a vice-leader, up to 5 attack leaaders, and up to 5 defense leaders. In war, attack leaders gain a bonus to attack, while defense leaders gain a bonus to defense. Points are earned for every successful attack made after war is declared.

Before you can attack the opposing order's castle directly, you must destroy any walls they have purchased with donations. The walls give low points, around 20+, with a bonus of 100 points to the last person that brought the wall down.

Once the walls are down, you will need to get rid of the defense leaders, to stop them from protecting other members. Defeating them earns 1.2x extra points.

After that, you can attack the other members. Defeating vice-leaders and attack leaders give 1.2x points, while defeating the leader gives 1.5x points!

Boss events are somewhat similar to treasure events, except that their focus is on the boss.

Before you can access the boss event, you must go through the event quest the same way you go through the normal quest. If you are lucky, an event boss will appear instead of a treasure chest.

The main point is to bring down the boss with your cards. The attack power requirements of your deck are lowered to 5 plus half the normal power used.

After you've brought the boss down you will get a treasure chest with random rewards ranging from normal to high rare cards.

Additionally, you will be ranked on the TOTAL amount of damage you have dealt to all event bosses encountered. Your order will also be ranked by the sum of the total amounts of damage inflicted by each member.

Enhancing is the most important factor in making you strong. It's been written about in the previous few posts, so please take a look. I will write a short piece on it.

Cards which have been enhanced to their maximum will retain 10% of their stats while evolving, as opposed to the 5% normally retained.

Thus, to get a card to its maximum potential, you will need 8 of its basic forms. Enhance them all to their max, evolve, then enhance again.
8 (1st form) >> 4 (2nd form) >> 2 (3rd form) >> 1 (4th form)
Check here for an explanation on using 8 card enhancing evolving >> (All credit to the creator). Thanks to pcube for showing me the link.
It's going to cost you a fortune, but it's worth it.

For those who are still unsure... if you don't max enhance your card before evolving and get it to the last form before max enhancing, you will lose as much of 40% of attack/defense, or even more!

For the lazy bums: you could just get 4 of the basic forms. It does give you a decent card, and kind of saves tons of money.

IMHO, it's best to do max potential with rares and highers. Lastly, I recommend that you guys read this >> (Again, all credit to the creator).
Or if you are those people that love to read. Try this >> credit to creator.(Ty for putting up all those picture!)

*Some cards DO NOT have any forms at all. Which mean they cannot be evolved at all.

So people has requested about the cheapest way and the fastest way to enhance a card.
From what I research and read.....
-Same alignment used to enhance a card will give you more experience points than other alignment.
-It is best to enhance in a stack of 10 because the total money used will be lesser.
-Best area to get feeders is chapter 2 part 5 or known as 2-5
-For level 40 cards and above the CHEAPEST way is to stock up your angel queen, and in one shot use it all.

Above is how to increase a card's power. Did you know that you can also increase its skill levels?
To do so, just enhance it with cards that have skills. (Cards which are already max enhanced and can gain no more EXP can still be enhanced in this way) The chance of this being successful is written on the confirmation page, above the cards' pictures.
To be more precise, you can use any cards with a skill to enhance another card that has a skill.

Take note that when you evolve a card, its skill level is not retained. It will be reset to 1. So it's best to only increase it in its last form.

Fellows don't do much, but adding them helps you keep track of their activity. Additionally, when you send a support to a fellow you will get 8 friendship points, instead of the normal 4 points. Finally, each fellow added will earn you 5 more stat points!

STATS for players
There are 3 different statistics. Stamina, Attack Power, and Defense Power.

-Stamina is used for missions. Nothing else.

-Attack Power is used for battles (war, normal fights, and boss events). It limits the cards that can be equipped in your attack deck (rarer cards take up more attack power). After a battle, your attack power will be drained according to how much the deck you used required.

-Defense Power is similar to attack power, except that it limits the defense deck. If you are attacked, your defense power will be drained based upon how strong the opponent's attack was, up to a maximum of 5 points drained for each attack.

Each stat recovers by a point every minute. Archive boosts gained from enhancing enough cards shortens the recovery time.

STATS for cards
There is a database in japan that has written out the stats of each card clearly.
The link is ....(trying to find it agian, will update soon)

So, I want to thank qetuo3777 for making the stats calculator for us. It a really useful tools and you guys should go to his post that he has pasted a link in his sig. (Its below this sentence if you are lazy to find it.)

You think this doesn't affect anything? Think again. In battle, cards belonging to your realm receive a permanent boost to attack and defense. By how much? That isn't confirmed, but it's safe to say at least 2%. Cards in your alignment will also activate their skills more often!


Need rupies?
-The easiest way is through battle. You can earn up to 10k.
-Missions give more rupies per expended stamina as the chapters go higher, as well as provide more valuable cards. At chapter 16+ each card gained from missions is worth 3k rupies each.
-Sell Golden Dragon. Each one sells for 30k to the NPC (Non Playing Character)
-Sell treasures, especially blue colored ones. Those are the rarest of every single treasure type, starting from the Keys series.

Can't seem to win a battle?
-Is your card fully evolved?
-Is it max enhanced?
If not, then do it quickly.
When you fight someone with higher defense points than your attack points, it doesn't mean you will lose. Defense points have TOTALLY no affect in a battle; they only let you put better cards in your deck (My Attack is 72, which sometimes wins against 100+ Defense)

It's recommended that you have just enough Defense to equip your card in the defense deck, and put the rest into attack. How much Stamina you put depends on how often you're online.

Did you know that if someone is your fellow, when they battle you it won't count towards your win/lose rate (though it still drains your attack power).
Did you know that if you send a support message to one person, go to another person who has supported them, support them, and repeat, you will get plenty of trade requests and support messages for the next hour (and when I say plenty I mean MANY).
If you don't max out your fellows, you can use the Search Fellows function to find low levels to trade with, wink wink.

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